Merry Christmas from One Month Travel

We spend Christmas each year traveling.

We are privileged to see how Christmas is celebrated in other countries. This year I have selected some photos from those trips to share.

Last year we were in France.

We saw street decorations everywhere but instead of the reds and greens typical of lighting at home, the French seem to prefer blue.P1040062 (2)

Streets display swags of lights and holiday decorations.P1040203 (2)

There are Christmas markets in the squares with entertainments like this small bandP1040156 (2)

Holiday decorations in Peru were more basic

and largely located in civic spaces and posh shopping centers.Peru-Limanight and Ollau 014 (2)

Lima11215 205 (2)

Buenos Aires

was also much less decorated than here or in Europe. BV4 024The big square near the Cathedral had trees to complement the political displays. The shopping centers all had big decorations too but the most interesting Christmas sentiments showed up in whimsical window displays.BA4 005 (2)

BA7 Rainy Sunday 003 (2)

Of the three, France seemed the most like home, while in Peru and Argentina, Christmas seemed more like an advertising gimmick than an expression of religious sentiment. Or maybe I attach too much importance to the superficial trappings of Christmas and too little to the religious celebration.

Merry Christmas and the warmest wishes for a Happy New Year from One Month Travel.

¬†We’d like 2016 to be your year of travel.

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