Pena Palace Part II

Stop and catch your breath.

The courtyard is a good place to stop and take in the many styles and colors of the Palace.

Three different styles.

2P1060380 Then we move on.   We will be circling the palace without entering to focus on the different styles and colors used.

The main part of the Palace is yellow. The eye is drawn by the gray bulk with tile accents on the left. 2P1050971 (2)

The carved arch draws you in.

2P1060387 (2)The large gate with stone carvings surrounding it attracts attention and leads you to the courtyard beyond. This second courtyard provides views of the countryside and a grand stairway leading essentially nowhere. 2P1050986 (2) 2P1060396 (2)The view from the top gives you a different perspective however.2P1060424 (2)

Then you can follow a path around the castle ramparts which finally take you back where you started.

Circuiting the Palace.2P1050998 (2) 2P1060007 (2) 2P1060009 (2)Along the way you can see the places you visited earlier from above.2P1060017 (2)

Pena Palace may be too much.

The experience of the Pena Palace is of excess.  There is so much color, so much detail and so much disregard for moderation that it takes a while to settle down after the visit.  Still, Pena Palace was a place we revisited.

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